What is beSozial?

You want to meet with your friends and pals to do something nice?

You can call, text or email every single one of them.

Or you use beSozial if you like some support in organizing. Get them to say "Yes!" to a tennis match, jogging in the park or being your movie buff. Open a group with you favourite buddies and set a date. They get their invitation and entries in their calendars.
Every beSozial group has its own email address. Emails sent to this address are automatically forwarded to all members of the group.

How does it work?

Register now for free. It only takes a minute. Invite your buddies for your next event and skip the calling, emailing and texting part. Get your answers and see how many want to come. Get updates if a friend decides differently.

What does it cost?

Using the beSozial website and within Facebook is for free and financed through ads. We are about to launch an iOS app and an Android app later. We hope you like beSozial so much that you will buy the app to use this tool also mobile.

beSozial Mobile

This is the restricted mobile version of beSozial. You can use it to register for events.

Login to beSozial

Login with your email address and the password. If you have no beSozial account you can sign up below or use your Facebook account.


Sign up

Enter an email address and password to create a new beSozial account.

You can also use your Facebook account to sign in to beSozial.